What is ONE


ONE is a movement of many diverse churches of Texoma who are putting aside denominational preferences and secondary issues to unite on the core beliefs of the gospel of Christ and the Bible as the Word of God.  ONE church, many congregations is a movement to unite churches on what they have in common and not divide them on their differences.  Currently over 30 churches have joined together to pray together and for each other, serve the community, and support each other  as ONE church, many congregations.

The movement began with a small group of pastors who have prayed together every Thursday morning for four years.  January 20th will begin the first official effort of churches to unite for five Sundays of preaching the same messages, praying for each other, and studying the same material from the Bible.  The movement is not just about church.  It is about the community outside the church.  The movement is designed to be an ongoing service to the Texoma area through a united front to help organizations and individuals in the area.

In recent decades this has never been done.  Sadly, many churches have stayed exclusive and separated from each other.  However, a new day of unity is coming.  A new day of caring, serving, and supporting each other and the greater populace with the message of hope and common oneness has begun. 

Differences do not divide us.  We recognize and respect our differences, but we all agree that there is one body, one faith, one baptism, one Lord, one Spirit, one God and Father of all and in all who believe in Christ as Lord.  We unite in this core truth.  The movement has begun.